Because the Night: Thanks, Patti Smith!


Me? I’m the most nocturnal of night owls! Always have been: Kept my mother up betimes in order to achieve a hatching time of 10.45 pm. Nearly fifty-eight years ago, it was, and a snowy old day in darkest Aldershot – but that’s for another time, another place, another post…

I have often wondered if our energy proclivities stem from our times of birth. My son, for example, was, like me, a past-ten-pee-em-a! The night delivered him symbolically as surely as I did physically – and, just like his dear Mama, he is a slug of a morning (in fact, the pair of us make the average Arion distinctus look decidedly frisky) and a bubbling broth of bursting enthusiasm once the evening slopes in!

I adore the night: Love the sensual darkness, the sheer range of colours associated with the Moon’s many phases, the way the landscape shifts and becomes other. I love walking at night – driving too. Inspiration sleets down like silvery rain when the lights go out and the stars switch on.

I fizz and sparkle and dance and sing and create in the deepest midnight moments. I am at my most alive at such times!

I suspect that Patti Smith – who, incidentally, is a fellow Capricorn – is probably one of night’s priestesses too. Could be wrong. It has been known! But I think her song title from so long ago says it all…

You early birds, enjoy catching that all-important worm; I begrudge it you not! Rejoice in the golden-rose rising of the Sun, and the soft sprinkles of dew upon night-sleepy grass; I will grant you the beauty and wonder of both!

But leave me, and my kind, to the silky and sexy sleeve of night’s passionate embrace!


6 thoughts on “Because the Night: Thanks, Patti Smith!

    1. alienorajt

      Yes, aren’t they just?! When my friend first played the album too me I had an instant sense of coming home. I shall get hold of ‘Wrecking Ball’ and have a good old listen; thanks for the heads-up on that one! xxx


  1. interestingly – “because the night”, her most famous song, was written by Bruce Springsteen. It was recorded originally during his sessions for “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. He decided not to use it, and Patti was recording Easter in the same recording complex and he handed it over to her care. His version finally saw the light of day on the album ‘The Promise’, realised a couple of years ago, that covers outtakes from that late 70’s period.

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    1. alienorajt

      Golly, I never knew that! How fascinating and apt. I say this because the band I play in have done a couple of Springsteen numbers. Wow! Thanks for letting me know, P. xxx


        1. alienorajt

          Ah! All the best people should be, or at least have a strong liking for him! We did, in the band, two numbers from the Pete Seeger session album: ‘My Oklahoma Home’ and, my own personal favourite, ‘Mrs McGrath’…xxx


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