‘Come Laughing!’ – one year on!

A year ago tomorrow, on December 22nd 2014, I pressed the final button and, in a whoosh of excitement and creative joy, saw the publication (on KDP, Amazon and Createspace) of my first novel – a book of surpassing bawdiness and humorously graphic sexual content which I, always a fan of word-play, called ‘Come Laughing!’

It comprises sixty-nine short pieces – many funny, some more poetic – and is a frank, no-holds barred look at sex from the perspective of a woman who calls a spade a spade and has no time for the euphemistic.

I ordered Proof copies – and this photo shows the book as it originally looked:


Holding my own book for the first time was right up there with cradling my son seconds after he had been born. I was so thrilled and proud and excited and a little bit fearful!

It has sold – though, had I marketed it more intensely and intelligently, I feel sure it would have sold far more! It has been read, enjoyed, reviewed on Amazon. Ten reviews thus far, nine of them 5 star.

And, because I felt, in the end, that the purple cover was not racy and explicit enough, I changed it, back in the summer, to this wonderful red one (designed by my friend, and fellow blogger, Sue Vincent):


It has been read by friends, strangers, ex-pupils, siblings and cousins. It has, I am sure, shocked some people because it is so blunt and I say things some people would rather not think about!

But I think I have done something unusual, new, inspiring and necessary in writing this book: I have given a voice to all women out there who feel sexual arousal and enjoy having sex, but don’t want to admit it for fear of appearing easy, tart-like or sinful.

Happy first birthday for tomorrow, ‘Come Laughing!’ I’m proud of you! And me!

In honour of the occasion, I shall be organising a period of time in which you readers can download the novel onto your Kindle for a mere $0.99. But, of course, I won’t protest at all if some of you opt to buy the paperback version!

Please share if you read this on Facebook or Twitter: I want to reach as wide an audience as I can! 


on 13 December 2015
A fantastic read. Full of humour and feelings- created in such an amazing way by a very talented author. A woman with such passion and power within her writing (and teaching). Thank you Alienora!

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