Happy First Birthday, Alienora’s Bawdy Book!

Welcome, Capricorn – my birth-sign!


All Hail, Winter Solstice!


Many Happy Returns to ‘Come Laughing!’ which reaches the age of ONE today!

I have, of course, made a very suggestive-shaped cake in its honour, with one complete double entendre of a candle on the top! I shall, however, leave the precise nature of this masterpiece (or should that be ‘mistresspiece’?) of the baker’s art to your fertile imaginations!

But, to cut to the chase, if you want your metaphorical slice of the naughty-book pie, you can get it for a mere $0.99 for the next ten days! Offer ends in the New Year!

Just totter over to Amazon.uk or Amazon.com, type in either ‘Come Laughing!’ or ‘Strictly Come laughing!’ (same text, slightly different covers!) and get Kindling! Or order the paperback! I love a real book, me!


And enjoy – the renewed energy brought in by the Solstice, the beginning of the Saturn-ruled, goatish sign – and the mixture of laughter and sex my book brings in its wake!


4 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday, Alienora’s Bawdy Book!

  1. Olivia’s character is called Margot Clunge! She is artistic director of Kiln ensemble. They are on twitter @kilnensemble and have their own website too kilnensemble.org. They do the food workshops every now and again, but write to them! Olivia is my friend (since I was 16).

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