Gaslighting: Eighth Deadly Sin


Gaslighting, as a technique, may not be familiar to many of you; in fact, I very much hope, for your sakes, that it is not.

It is a Mind Game used by abusers – Narcissists are particularly keen on it.

I have been subjected to it countless times over the years. It is vicious, vile and those using it should, in my view, be consigned to one of Dante’s Circles of Hell.

Please read the description above – and think about what it means, and the long-term effect of such a nasty game upon the mind, emotions, confidence and sense of reality of the abuser’s chosen victim.

Think – and weep.

Yes, this should be the Eighth Deadly Sin.


4 thoughts on “Gaslighting: Eighth Deadly Sin

    1. alienorajt

      Absolutely, Julie – but it can be made more difficult to locate when one is under the malign influence of an experienced gaslighter! Which, of course, is why one needs to extricate oneself from such situations! x


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