Thoracic Spine Pain

I have, I hope, now replied to all recent comments – and apologies for not doing so earlier in the week/month/year.

I am suffering from almost-continuous Thoracic Spine pain. It may be Fibromyalgia (which a friend has suggested today). It could also be to do with the posture I adopt when typing on here. The third suspect in my Pain Detective Series is life events.


Long story short, it hurts, a lot, if I am on the laptop for more than about ten minutes at a time.

I am seeing a physiotherapist. I am exercising. I am also seeing a counsellor to help with Suspect Number Three. I am, in a word, doing all I can to deal with this problem.

But, as we all know, Rome was not built in a day, nor the development of pain come to that – and neither can be demolished instantaneously.


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