Making a living as a writer!

Writing has been my love, my passion and my solace since I was eight (fifty years ago!). It has always fulfilled me: From the fairy stories I wrote as a little girl, through the journal which sustained me when I was a troubled adolescent (and still does) to the novels I have published and the various blogs I have set up, my intimate engagement with the world of words has given much joy and healing.

But, thus far, it has netted me very little income.

For three decades, I made a living as an English teacher – and made the absolute most of it, though it was not my central desire.

I knew that I was taking a risk in giving up the Day Job – but it was something I knew I had to do. We pass this way only once; I was already into my fifties – and I wanted to write so urgently that it almost hurt!

So, my dream would be to combine this precious hobby with an actual flow of money into my somewhat depleted bank account! It would be for my books to catch the zeitgeist of this second decade of the twenty-first century – and for them to sell in sufficient numbers for me to be financially secure for the rest of my life.

The life-force of my writing will, I suspect, never wane – and I shall continue to be a writer for the rest of my life.

Ah! But it would be delightful indeed if I were a best-selling and significant-money-earning writer as well!

Dream on, Ali!


15 thoughts on “Making a living as a writer!

    1. alienorajt

      I suspect you may well be right, Simon: It would appear to be only the lucky few – the JK Rowlings and EL James of this world – that get the largest slice of the literary-money-pie. I have only been a published writer for just over a year (though a writer for fifty) – and am perennially hopeful that maybe, one day, I’ll soar upwards with my novels. But I am also a realist and know that the statistics are against me. This does not interfere with my passion for words – but it could have an adverse effect upon my bank account! x

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        1. alienorajt

          Wow! Impressed by the talk up North – but know what you mean about the easy swallowing of royalties! Your book sounds fascinating. Is it out in paperback, or only Kindle? I ask because I prefer to buy paperback books – and would very much like to read yours! x


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