Bath with a friend

Thank you, dear Sue, for bringing back our lovely day in Bath, fudge, cream teas, Pump Room bogs and all. xxx

Enjoy Sue’s lovely post on our day out. I shall be adding my own take on it later.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

stanton drew ani alienora bath 197
We finally made it to Bath. A little late, but standing in front of the Grand Pump Room, grinning and waving like a lunatic at the red-head in DMs and floral trousers at the other end of the street, it didn’t seem to matter. Once we had shared hugs and greetings, we addressed our most pressing needs…where was the fudge shop…and a bathroom…and something to eat. Not necessarily in that order. It had been a long time since we had left home that Friday morning… and even longer since we had seen our long time friend, fellow author and blogger, Alienora, a woman frequently responsible for the parlous and coffee-stained state of my computer screen through her unparalleled use of language.

stanton drew ani alienora bath 204

Bath is a beautiful town. Known today for its fine Georgian architecture and as the setting for many a Regency Romance. Once upon a time, I was an…

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