Free Goodreads Giveaways…

I have just organised for three of my books to be entered as prizes for the Goodreads’ Free Giveaway. Many thanks to Sue Vincent who suggested this.

Unfortunately, the free widget given away by Goodreads (with my details on it) does not work on this blog, so I shall have to tell you on here.

I shall be sending the following to winners – all in the UK (money is tight at present and I simply cannot afford to send stuff overseas: Sorry, readers in the US, Canada and so forth):

Five signed copies of ‘Come Laughing!’ (

Two signed copies of ‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ (

Two signed copies of ‘Riding at the Gates of Sixty’ (

So, if you – like me – are strapped for cash at present, but would like a free paperback copy of one of the above, please nip over to Goodreads and make your interest known!

Let there be many, many takers, many reviews, loads of interest!



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