Reincarnation? Belief? That’s like believing in the sun!

Believe in reincarnation?

No, I don’t. For that would be like believing in trees or oceans, horses or suns, planets or my fellow human beings.

I know that it is part of us.  I know because I am what is referred to as an Old Soul: I have been here before. Many times.

Besides, it makes sense. Nothing truly dies, does it? Its components of death – its body parts, atoms, molecules, liquids, gases – simply nourish the land and give rise to the next generation, the next surge of life, the next incarnation of flower, leaf, moon-rise, sunset.

Life IS reincarnation – and there is something in us, in all of creation, which is far bigger and more profound than the moment, the small span of an individual existence, the fall of one brittle and beautiful leaf onto an autumnal sward.

We all too often decry, sneer at, the Soul, the spiritual element of life as if it were, in some weird way, divorced from the physical, the material – instead of being part of a continuum of human experience.

People who believe only in things which can be proven empirically are seen as rationalists, superior in some strange way – and yet, think of this: Is not the whole area of empirical proof as much a human construct as the whole of religious thinking and spiritual belief? Which great arbiter in the sky tells us for sure that the certainties of science are composed of finite wisdom and definite, incontrovertible right answers?

No one. Scientific thoughts, and its truths, shift and evolve all the time.

Yet, we call those who ‘believe’ in reincarnation credulous, touched, mad. As if the ability to see, and seek, beyond the everyday world of the five senses were, in some way, proof of a disorder of the brain, a flaw in the intellect!

I have no doubt that some people reading this will want, vehemently, to prove me wrong, to cast doubt upon my words.

Let ’em, say I!

Touch a stone. It exists, does it not?

But – does it? Is it not, actually, millions upon millions of tiny atoms which we, as human beings who love a neat ending, have agreed make the sound, shape, feel of this thing called a stone?

With senses beyond the five, would we not, in fact, see something far more amorphous – perhaps beyond the reach of human thought and current experience?

We make the world safe – or think we do! – by our rigid descriptions, by our rejection of anything which is scary, troubling, outside the realm we feel comfortable with!

Perhaps the question is not, ‘Do you believe in reincarnation?’ but, ‘What is it about reincarnation that is so profoundly threatening that individuals have to spend energy trashing, dismissing and fighting against it?’


8 thoughts on “Reincarnation? Belief? That’s like believing in the sun!

  1. The really interesting thing is that it doesnt have to die. Because the things we think we see have no actual physical boundaries. So the keyboard I am typing on seems to have a boundary with the air above it. But scientifically it is less obvious that it does.

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  2. This was a fascinating read. In some sense, the scientific method is a faith-based idea of replication. And given our theories, and the ideas of “matter only transforms,” I agree that reincarnation happens all around us. Maybe not in the same method of how the ancient religions think of it, but…

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  3. Julie

    A profound piece of writing. And it reminds me of a quote, apparently attributed to Albert Einstein:”The thing about smart people is they sound like crazy people to stupid people”.
    And you are quite right to turn the question into ” what is it about reincarnation that is so threatening to some individuals?” I suspect that they probably fear anything bigger than themselves… They can’t have the last word in a spiritual world and it feels unsafe to them…

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