Dolebury Warren, Iron Age Hill Fort

Beautiful walk this morning with a close friend and Jumble. Dolebury Warren is about four miles from home – and breath-taking. I am going to let the images speak for themselves.

IMG03523-20160223-0941 IMG03526-20160223-0941 IMG03527-20160223-0942 IMG03525-20160223-0941 IMG03529-20160223-0943 IMG03530-20160223-0943 IMG03531-20160223-0956 IMG03532-20160223-0956 IMG03535-20160223-0957 IMG03539-20160223-1001


8 thoughts on “Dolebury Warren, Iron Age Hill Fort

    1. alienorajt

      Good heavens, how amazing if you were able to, Simon: I mean amazing in the aesthetic and wondrous sense, rather than the distance. Pontprennau, eh? Ah, these lovely Welsh names never fail to stir something deep in my soul. x


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