Musical Harmony and Delight

The Music of the Spheres! The harmonious effect of the most immediate art form: tune and song! The glorious notes pouring from instruments created from bone, wood, metal, love, human ingenuity and imagination! Such, for me, is the epitome of harmony in this often-troubled world.

I have adored music from baby-hood and it never fails to calm me. I play several instruments (some of which are shown in my entry for this Photo Challenge). My tastes, as symbolised by the four CDs shown, are eclectic. I cannot play the mandolin very well – but I have included it because it was the one instrument my father played (and, in fact, belonged to him) and I have happy memories of him playing and singing ‘Yellow Bird’ when I was a little girl.

IMG03551-20160305-0659 IMG03552-20160305-0700

I have chosen the slightly honey-ish, yellow background to give my photo a Mediaeval atmosphere. I wanted to suggest a musical history stretching right back and encompassing harmonies both ancient and modern. This is also why I have placed the violin (which is over a hundred years old) and the recorders (which, in one form or another, go back to the Middle Ages) right next to twenty-first century musical technology.


5 thoughts on “Musical Harmony and Delight

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