Why did the sheep…

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Shamanic Paths

Not usual for me to do writing challenges but being Scottish, and thereby considered knowledgeable enough about such things to be dangerous, I decided to complete this one posed by Sue Vincent over at Daily Echo.

sheep-yorkshirePolling Method
We asked a random sample of 100 sheep what reason would entice them to cross a road. Their individual responses are charted below:

ReasonScientific Investigation
Following a pixel-wise analysis of the image, it appears that there is, indeed, a clear chromatic difference between the two sides of the road. Beyond doubt, the grass is greener on the side to which the sheep travels. Admittedly, the increased saturation level is so slight, that it can hardly be imagined worthy of such a crossing. For all sheep kind, however, it appears to be true that gastronomic interest in a given side of the road directly increases with hue. Here’s a graph in case…

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2 thoughts on “Why did the sheep…

  1. Julie

    The ewe thinks:
    “Ok, it’s the last time he makes me cross the road: if the grass isn’t greener on the other side, I divorce him!”
    This is why they have such bad relationsheeps….


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