When you believe in a book…

Lovely Sue Vincent has just shared this with me. So supportive. Thanks, Sue – and read her on http://scvincent.com/, if you are not already doing so. She is always worth reading.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Most authors struggle with self promotion. Few are comfortable with touting their books and feel every kind of awkward, no matter how much they believe in their work or how much they want it to be read. Reviews help enormously, as does word of mouth and support from fellow writers can be invaluable. Some writers seem to have a fabulous gift for marketing, but the quality of a writer’s promotional skills does not always guarantee a good read.

When you get a rash of enthusiastic reviews that all seem to share the same theme, you might start to wonder… especially when you realise that you recognise some of the more respected names of the blogosphere.  If Story Reading Apes like Chris Graham aver that,“to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book would be a gross understatement.” and Rosie Amber describes it as “…adult British humour at…

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