Drop everything – and read this book!



Dr. Vasey – who has written many thoughtful and fascinating books, and who is a fellow WordPress blogger – has just released his latest Kindle book of short stories.


Gary Vasey’s books often deal with esoteric and supernatural topics. Recent titles include ‘My Haunted Life Too’ and ‘How to Create your own Reality’ – both of which I have read, one of which I own as a paperback. Both are most interesting to read and deal with such topics as reality, life, death, the power of the mind to change things, Quantum Theory and magic.

Dr.Vasey approached me a while back and asked if I would edit his book. This I was more than happy to do – so the finished product, though all Gary’s work in the creative and inspirational sense, does bear my mark technically!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and editing it. The Pink Bus story itself will have you intrigued and amused in equal parts, and the creepy tale of Andrew and his ghastly mirror experiences will guarantee a bad night’s sleep. There are many more, but I do not wish to spoil the surprise…

Douglas Adams created the wonderful answer – 42! – to life, the universe and everything. In ‘The Pink Bus…’ Vasey explores, through his stories, many of humanity’s most enduring and troublesome questions: What is reality? What is the mind capable of? What is the truth about life, about death, about dreaming?

The book is fresh off the proverbial press – out and running as we speak!

Drop everything, nip over to Amazon (link above) and grab yourself a copy!


6 thoughts on “Drop everything – and read this book!

    1. alienorajt

      Yes, that’s what I said – well, I didn’t specify the book, but mentioned Douglas Adams, the author of same! I agree: It is still a good answer! xx


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