Alienora’s Editing Service: Pen for Hire!

I am a highly-experienced writer: A blogger since 2012, a journal-writer since 1972,, a short-story writer and a published novelist (Amazon Author’s Page:

I am also a very experienced teacher and marker/editor: Graded thousands of children’s English essays and exercises for thirty years and have edited several other writers’ books, including works by Dr G.M.Vasey and Dr A. Cooper.

Editing is an important string to my bow – and, although I see myself predominantly as a creative writer, I have the technical skill required to do a thorough and insightful job on another’s writer’s precious ‘baby’.

I have an eagle eye, as a friend of mine (also a writer) once said – and am extremely knowledgeable when it comes to grammar, spelling and punctuation. I also have an extensive vocabulary – and, if I cannot find the apt word, there probably isn’t one!

I can be contacted via the blog, on my Facebook Writer’s Page ( or by Private Message on Facebook.

I will give my email address if I feel that I am being approached with a genuine request for editing assistance, and will also explain my rates to those interested in learning more. What I will say (as stated in a previous post) is that the money I charge is both reasonable and in line with rates set down by the NUJ.

I will also give any book I edit a good hearty plug on here – and on all the Social Sites!

My trusty pen, and my Microsoft Word Tracking System, are ready and available!



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