Goodreads ‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ Giveaways!

Today, I face my fear of asking for help head-on! This is a brave post for me!

After Easter, two lucky people will be receiving their prize-winning, signed copies of ‘Long-Leggety Beasties’.


Looking on the site, I noted that 168 people entered the competition! Not bad, eh?

At the end of May, the five winners of ‘Come Laughing!’ books, and the two of ‘Riding at the Gates of Sixty’ will also be notified – and I will send out their copies as soon as I can!

Now how, you may ask, are these free gifts going to benefit me as the author? Good question! My view is very simple: Nine new readers will, by early June, have access to one of my books. One or more of those people may wish to look up, and read, other books I have written. They may recommend me to friends. One or more may even pop a review on Amazon.

Small steps, you say – and you would be right. Yes, they are small steps – but some of the greatest triumphs of history (both modern and ancient) started with a single, hesitant step. Steps lead to mountain summits!

So, enjoy my books!

And, one day, people will be saying, ‘Have you read the latest by Alienora Taylor? It’s awesome!’

One day, people will look through my back catalogue of novels and exclaim, ‘God! How the hell did I miss her first time round?’

And, for the 166 people who didn’t win a copy of ‘LLB‘? Well, you can always pop over to Amazon via my helpful link and download a copy or order yourself the paperback!


One thought on “Goodreads ‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ Giveaways!

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