Green for Gifting and Grace

When I was a child, green was my favourite colour – and, along with purples and turquoise shades, it still is!

For me, it is associated with the landscape (which I love so much), the Northern Quarter (Earth), The Green Knight/Green Girdle – amongst many other mythological, nature-based and symbolic signposts of the psyche – and, as an additional delight, many of the most touching and lovely gifts I have received over the years have had green somewhere in the mix!

In the first photo, I show contrast: My hair, recently re-oranged, and a favourite green top, this taken before a truly delightful evening supporting a close friend at the local Open Mic.



The second reveals a lovely Pre-Raphaelite painting which a dear friend gave me for Christmas in 1994:



Thirdly, a wonderful Thermocafe which another best friend gave me for Christmas 2014 – and which is in my absolute favourite shade of green.



Fourthly, the Tarot Deck I have been using since 1993.


And, finally, the big green container shown below originally contained delectable cup cakes – and was a gift from my lovely and supportive ex-pupil friend, Annette. She came along to my first-ever book signing session and presented me with this beautiful pot.




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