The Future: Published, famous author!

002 (5)

One day, the name Alienora Taylor will be widely known – and the six published titles shown above – and those books still to come – will be on people’s Must-Read lists, on their bookshelves, on Kindles, being read at Book Clubs and in bookshops all over the world.

In my future as a writer, the reading public will flock eagerly to Amazon – and reviews (of which there are a fair few already) will proliferate.

The present is a waiting game in all manner of ways. But these books, written between 1983 and 2015, and all published since December 2014, represent hope, strength, passion for the written word and a future which sees the fruits of five decades as a writer ripening and falling onto the ground to be plucked up and consumed hungrily.

Blackwells in Oxford, which I visited so often as a child and adolescent, will hold copies of my books in its sacred space – and the city which nurtured me as I grew up will, one day, salute me as one of its famous and much-loved authors!


We all need dreams and hopes! We all need images to form a bridge between present and future!

We all need to believe that something of us will survive – and that our lives will, in some way, make a difference.

7 thoughts on “The Future: Published, famous author!

        1. alienorajt

          Congratulations, Valentina: That’s great! I need to edit one I wrote thirty years ago and get it published so that it can sit with its ‘siblings’! And I need to be more proactive/confident about marketing them. x


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