Delete? No more…

I used to delete posts regularly because I was frightened.

Since starting this blog, back in December last year, I have kept every single thing I have written.

This is brave because I do not know who reads my pieces – and certain controversial and provocative ones could still end up in the wrong hands (as it were).

So what has changed?

Simple. No one can now persuade me that I am lying, exaggerating, over-reacting or insane. Since I know that I am telling the truth (though, obviously, edited highlights of same), any attempt to tell me that I am not counts as a lie in and of itself. Far from exaggerating, I am more likely to be endlessly down-playing. If crying or feeling devastated when treated badly is over-reaction, then by all means label me as over-reactive. But I don’t think it is.

Insane? No. Delusional? I wish! It would, after all, be lovely to float in comforting clouds of delusion and not have to face painful reality.

No: I am entirely sane – and, within the parameters of operating upon a public site, honest. I am proud of what I write, whether it is dark and sad or funny or beautiful – and no post deserves to be put to death out of fear.


14 thoughts on “Delete? No more…

  1. There is no damned reason on this earth why you can’t hold your head …and your posts… up high, Ali. It matters not one jot what anyone else thinks. The content of many is amusing, others thought provoking, uncomfortable, addressing little talked-of issues that probably need to be aired because of that fact. The rule here is your site=YOUR choice. And no-one can criticise your use of language… except those of us with coffee-stained spray paintings around our computer screens perhaps 😉 xxx

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