Download Disappointment

Unfortunately, my five day free download is not going well so far.

The numbers are so low that I feel ashamed to put them in black and white.

I am not someone who gives up easily, which is why I keep on persevering.

But it is desperately discouraging, particularly when I have so little self-confidence to start with.

I have the vision.

I have the words.

But I have none of the techniques necessary to make a successful sale.

Either you have got marketing ability or you haven’t – and I fall into the latter category. No matter how carefully I listen to the experts, no matter how closely I adopt and adapt their suggestions, success continues to elude me: That which works for them does not do it for me.

In all honesty, I do not know what to do next.

What if I publish another book – and it vanishes without trace the way ‘The Lyre of Logres’ did?

That is my great fear – and is one of the main reasons why I have published no novels in 2016.

I am losing my nerve.


9 thoughts on “Download Disappointment

  1. ok.reality smack in the face time. YOUR writing is fantastic. So what if your marketing sucks? Marketers are NOT writers of worth…YOU are. and stop with the free downloads crap. After all who is gonna buy that cow if someone else is milking it? (I always wanted to use that somewhere so thanks for having a place for it here! lol) Edit the heck outta whatever you have sitting on the sidelines, get off the pot and start sending it to publishers. Someone will read it and want to print and sell it.

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  2. It happens, Ali… we’ve done that too and the downloads have been abysmal. Then other times, they are good. Having offered free downloads on all the books at least once, we are not doing it again… except to launch a new book… as those who wanted them will already have them… unless we suddenly manage to somehow reach a wider audience.

    I’m still waiting for the Welsh book… and the ‘Falstaffian’ novel we talked about…

    And you might like to know I heard some amazing compliments on the quality of your writing and your talent over the weekend from our American friend when she was with me 😉 xxx

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    1. alienorajt

      Thanks, Sue: Your words make a lot of sense, and I was most touched by the comments made by our American friend. The Welsh novel just needs editing: trouble is, I wrote it so long ago (back in 1984) that this could be a very long, complex process – and I’m tempted to go for the minimal intervention ploy. Not because I am lazy, but because I think I could lose something if I rewrite it completely. A bit of a dilemma really. The Falstaffian idea was an excellent one – and I will pursue that as soon as I can. Yes, the wider audience is the sticking point, isn’t it? I must just grit my teeth and carry on. xxx


        1. alienorajt

          Thank you, Sue. I confess that I have fallen into a state of sadness in recent days, am finding it difficult to be positive, cheerful and upbeat. xxx


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