I could speak of those of us born in the late fifties and early sixties. I could wax lyrical about those who were at Aberystwyth University with me between 1976 and 1979. I could go on at slightly more ambivalent length about the girls who attended Milham Ford Grammar School between 1969 and 1976 – or, indeed, the many colleagues and children I met at Worle Community School between 1981 and 2012.

All of the above counted, in one way or another, as my generation.

But, to my mind, true generation goes beyond time and place – and is to do with the Soul Group, if you like, or at least those people with whom we have a deep and abiding bond which transcends year of birth, education or career.

Members of my generation in that sense can be seen in the image shown at the top of this post. There are others in that group not shown in the photo – and not everyone shown has that generational bond with me (nor I with them).

But this photo – taken at the end of the inspiring ‘Leaf and Flame: The Foliate Man’ workshop – is evidence of one definition of the word ‘generation’ and contains some of the best people you could ever wish to meet.

Our ages are widely divergent, as are our countries of origin, interests, marital status and personal histories. But we are all drawn to the Mysteries; we are all willing to explore them through ritual drama of one form or another – and we share a bond which unites us despite our myriad differences.


12 thoughts on “Generation

  1. I love this, Alienora. I agree, I much prefer the bonds of my soul group to any definition of time and space and age. My closest friends are of all different ages, many twenty or more years older than me, and also some of them are from different countries. And I am closer to them than anyone I grew up with, for sure. And then I have a huge number of wonderful people in my soul group who aren’t in this world and on the one hand they lived countless generations ago, and on the other hand, I currently spend more time with them than people in my actual generation on a day to day basis so the question gets really blurry for me as to what even counts as a generation in the first place. It cannot simply mean the group of people we are concurrent with, because with no divisions between worlds, you can relate to anybody. Generation seems to be a word that is time dependent, but what if time ultimately didn’t matter all that much? Meaning and time, relative age versus physical age, how we form bounded moments and sequences of groups of people loses its relevance to relationship, connection, belonging, even closeness, at least for me. I really don’t get/understand/resonate with my generation, in the common sense of the term.

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    1. alienorajt

      I love your comments, Eilis. They always take me somewhere new and magical – and this one was no exception. Totally agree on the time dependent side of things, and, indeed, the way one’s own chronological generation can be little more than an accident of birth. Thank you for your wonderful words. xxx

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  2. Yes Ali and Sue…and it’s this celebration of what we agree upon and embrace, and our celebration of diversity that is the example to all those who seek division through intolerance and difference. What the world would be, nay, WILL be when all peoples of our planet act in this way…..😀😄😊

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  3. Reblogged this on The Silent Eye and commented:
    One of the most wonderful things about the Silent Eye workshops is the coming together of like-minded people. That like-mindedness is not one of conformity. Within the group who attended this year we have the most diverse collection of people you could wish to meet, with histories and professions you would barely believe, from the reverend to the irreverent.

    The like-mindedness does not come from a choice of spiritual path either. Within that group were Christian and Pagan, Shaman and Druid, Mystic and Magician.

    But there is a point where our lives and hearts touch… at the apex of aspiration, where we seek to Know a common Light and bring that Light to Life in our own lives.

    And that is what brings us together.

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