Never underestimate…

…the power, accuracy and ability to save which resides within your gut instinct. It is there for a purpose – and often we over-ride it at our peril.

It can bring us untold emotional riches: With it, we can sense those who are trustworthy, who are keepers, who truly love and value us. Our bodies speak far more eloquently than we perhaps realise, and that churning in the solar plexus is sending us a physical email every bit as pressing as anything we get via the laptop.

That instinct also makes our bodies feel safe to open, to relax, to allow others in to our most private emotional centres. If we listen to it, we can avoid toxic people and abusive relationships.

But, all too often, we sneer at its lizard wisdom; we cram it back into the box; we underestimate its part in our own well-being.

And, as a result, we overestimate the shallow charm of the psychopath and read far more into the character of the Actor than is actually there. We open our hearts to the wrong people, and fail to hear the safety vibrations emanating from those we can trust.

We live in our minds to such a dangerous extent that we pour unwarranted scorn upon the lowly organs which lie south of the Great God Cranium.

Our bodies communicate with us constantly – and it is very sad that so many of us underestimate their range, versatility and intelligence.



4 thoughts on “Never underestimate…

  1. This topic is quite salient to me right now–I just completed training for Title IX (i.e. recognizing and preventing sexual harassment and toxic work environments in campus). The gist of the training said that one’s instincts should be followed. And also that those instincts can sometimes prevent reporting of attacks, due to mental shutdowns, fear-induced paralysis, etc.

    Reading through the training reminded me of some of your more harrowing stories that you have shared.

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    1. alienorajt

      Golly, that sounds like a confronting, but necessary, slice of the training ‘cake’, Noah. It is, indeed, a double-edged sword: The very instincts which can save us can also, as you say, plunge us into paralysis. Thanks for this great comment. xx


  2. I hear you! I was actually just thinking about this subject this morning. I had another dream last night in a sequence of three nights in a row and counting about the school I went to grad school at for ten years. I wondered whether, had I been able to feel and listen to messages from my body when I was making that decision to attend that school back in 2006, I would have felt the *noooooooo* loud and clear. I might never know the answer to that. Not being able to feel how my body says no landed me in an abusive relationship, a yearlong stay in a haunted apartment, destructive friendships, you name it. I pause far more often now and truly listen and feel and pay attention, and hope life is better for it. It’s like we are born with a compass and no one ever teaches us how to use it. Sometimes with that knowledge I regret what I’ve lost, wish I had the time back and a different way of using it, living it. Sometimes I get determined to get out there and really live the present into the future because there’s no time like now to do differently. The trouble is, I don’t know what to aim at, only what not to aim at. I rely on how I feel and on the people I walk my journey with from the other world to give me immediate feedback on the next and next step to finding freedom and the life I’m meant to live. And it can be terrifying and exhillarating, and for me often requires a lot of slowing down and stopping which we also have not been taught how to do in this culture of frenzy.

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    1. alienorajt

      You are so right, Eilis – I particularly liked the idea of the compass which no one teaches us how to use: very accurate and true. In fact, in these days 0f ruthless scientific logic, it almost seems as if the compass is a sign of a superstition we should, according to those who demand proof of everything, have grown out of. Yet correct use of it enhances our lives hugely and creates a much safer environment for us to live in. Lovely to hear from you as it always is. xxx

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