Copy-Editing and Ghostwriting

If there is anyone out there in the WordPress blogging community who is in need of either a Copy Editor, or a Ghostwriter, could you contact me on the blog?

I offer both services – and now want to see if I can get the word out to a wider audience.

I am accurate, efficient and innovative. As a writer myself, I know all about the subtleties of language and, as a teacher of English for so long, can spot an error at fifty paces!

It doesn’t matter what you write. I can deal with academic work, fiction, non-fiction, articles and letters. If you write it, I can edit it! As long as it is in English, that is!

For many writers, the bit of the process they dread the most is the editing. For a very reasonable fee, I can take that weight off your mind and present you with a superb finished product.

Ghostwriting? I am an excellent listener and note-taker – and, as a creative writer, can bring out every nuance of the story entrusted into my hands.

So: If this post triggers a need in you, or reminds you of a friend who requires such a service, leave a message on here and I will get back to you with further details.

Here is a link to my Submissions/Fees page on WordPress:


14 thoughts on “Copy-Editing and Ghostwriting

          1. alienorajt

            Thanks, Chris. For some reason, the system is not letting me make that change – either that or I am doing something wrong. xxx

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