Cader Idris

Cwm Cau, Cader Idris, at sunriselg

This have I loved, and walked and dreamed and path worked. This, the lovely Cader Idris, mountain of the soul and balm to the spirit, caught in the wilds of Wales and a repository for the deep magic of landscape.

Cader Idris. Arthur’s Seat. A bridge connecting the younger with the older Alienora.

To this will I return. One day. And the wild within me will be both eased and energised.


12 thoughts on “Cader Idris

  1. I have never been here, or to Wales, but until I get there, it remains my top longed-for travel destination, thanks mainly to Susan Cooper’s The Grey King from The Dark is Rising Sequence — do you know it? Perhaps it is only because this book contains my first (and only) immersion into the landscape and culture around Cader Idris, but I believe it captures the lush beauty, hushed majesty, and mystery of the place. Anyway, thanks for posting the lovely photo!

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    1. alienorajt

      I do, indeed, know – and love – ‘The Grey King’: It is very accurate in terms of that part of Wales. I lived in a village called Llancynfelyn, near Machynlleth and Aberystwyth, in the late seventies/very early eighties – and Aberdyfi could be seen clearly across the water from Ynyslas. A place of magic and beauty and starkness. You would, I am sure, love it. x

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      1. Very cool! I am interested to know how much more “modern” it must feel now, compared to then. Part of me wants to go to discover the answer that question, and part of me wants to preserve my frozen-in-the70s idyllic expectations. As much as I would wish the stark isolation promised by The Grey King to last forever, it seems likely, with the internet and the cultural meshing that comes with it, that it is less so today. Again, not like I’m going any time soon, so it’s only an academic debate with myself xD Thank you for sharing your experiences!

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    1. alienorajt

      No, I don’t know Blencathra – though the name sounds familiar. Fascinated by the linguistic similarities. Cader Idris is very special to me – magical, beautiful, a place of inspiration.


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