The Struggle for Freedom and Stanton Drew Stones


Yesterday was a bright and delightful one – though, at its end, I confess that I did fall down for a while and graze my metaphorical knees.

I met Sue (Vincent) and Stuart (France) – two of the Silent Eye School’s Directors – at the Druids Arms pub in Stanton Drew, for lunch and conversation and exploration of ancient stones, modern rabbits and guinea pigs and, in my case, a chance chanting with a group of Stone enthusiasts from the Netherlands.


Just before the others arrived, I went, on a whim, up to the pub’s garden. It is not the famous Stanton Drew Stone Circle; that is down the road a bit – but it does contain three amazing stones (two upright and one recumbent):


I felt their energy from the car park – and, despite the presence of a medium-sized group of other travellers, went in. The larger stone, to the right in the image above, was tingling even before I touched it – and, when I pressed both hands upon it, a I immediately became light-headed (the way I do on take-off in a plane) and felt immeasurably far away from my surroundings.  But I also felt warmed and comforted, cosseted almost, as if in the loving arms of a gigantic mother.

The Netherlands group, meanwhile, were singing and chanting quietly. Some were hugging the stones, as I was; others just lightly touching and letting the communion seep into the pores.

I felt braced by this, braced and cheered and energised.

The lunch with my two friends was a delight. We nattered and laughed and generally put the world to rights. They have plans to publish a book, as do I – and part of our discussion revolved around the intention to bring both out at around the same time since they relate to the recent, and life-changing, ‘Foliate Man’ workshop (which was their highly successful and eagerly awaited ‘baby’).

I took photos -but, unfortunately, my BlackBerry is refusing to disgorge them from its entrails.

I left Sue and Stu at 2.30, or thereabouts, as I had a couple of business-related meetings to attend. One was much more productive than I thought it would be and has given me a real boost in terms of my Bid For Freedom plans. The other made me sad: The little house I loved so much has now received an offer from another party – and, although I am not giving up hope completely, I have to face the probability that it is, now, lost to me.

But, after a storm of tears this morning, I nipped into another Estate Agent and, long story short, now have the particulars of three new houses to go and view! One of those could turn out to be the perfect place. We shall have to see.

But, seeing Sue and Stu was just the tonic I needed. They reminded me that the only limits in terms of the possible come from my own mind. They reminded me that I am loved, have friends, am not replaceable. They chirped me up and made me laugh and brightened up my day – and they allowed me to see that the process of disengagement and liberation – started in 2014 when I played Sekhmet, and brought to a peak with this year’s Veiled Lady and Bright Lady incarnations – has unchained me far more than I sometimes think, and that one phase really is ending, preparing the way for the next one.

Thank you, Sue and Stu. You have made a huge difference.

The struggle continues. Of course it does. In real life, things are not mended by the flick of a wrist and the waving of wand or rubbing of lamp.

But, having fallen, I dusted myself off, applied cream to my wounds – and got right back up again.

And that is what I will continue to do!



4 thoughts on “The Struggle for Freedom and Stanton Drew Stones

    1. alienorajt

      Yes, I do agree, Julie. I have spent altogether too much time trying to dodge the pain, the bruises, the skinned knees. Thanks for reminding me. x


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