Oh, how we humans limit ourselves by closing parts of our experience off; by making inner lists of what is acceptable, and eschewing everything else; by rigorously vetting others along the lines of race, creed, gender orientation, wealth, intellect and so forth.

Life is exciting and scary and wonderful and, at times, tragic – and I think we get the most out of it when we keep our inner doors wide open.

Open to the beauty of rain (so often rejected in favour of sun); the sullen splendour of a grey sky, its atmospheric lowering and brooding, its elemental and catalytic quality; the childlike wonder of snow (and bugger the adult inconvenience); the lovely contrast between cold outside and the warmth of hot chocolate once back indoors.

I believe that, if we keep that childlike quality of inquisitiveness, of open-mindedness, of acceptance and some degree of trust, we gain so much more from our brief amble through this lifetime.

If we remain thrilled by Yule/Christmas; if we give our children the magic of an Easter Egg Hunt; if we unwrap presents with open-hearted joy (instead of carping, comparing and complaining); if we open our spirits to the love and intention lying behind another’s actions instead of endlessly totting up the cost and finding the other inadequate; if we find excitement in every aspect of our lives (or at least the potential for same); if we open our emotional chalices and allow all waters to flow without judging sorrow to be, in some way, unacceptable and happiness the only face to show; if we open all gates of the soul – and, in so-doing, shine our beacons of light out into the world, thus attracting the beams belonging to other people – if we do all of this, and more, wouldn’t our world be a brilliant place to live in?

Imagine: A world where light and darkness were balanced; a world where the so-called negative emotions were both accepted and integrated; a world where minds remained open and the heart shone forth its rays of love to all beings sharing this planet with us.


A world which works for, and is open to, EVERYONE!


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