Summertime in Crete

Summer will always now be associated with life on the beautiful island of Crete.  Oddly enough, the moment I first saw the starkness of ancient terraces scarring the hills benignly I felt a deep kinship, a sense of familiarity, a feeling of soul awakening.

There is something wonderful about this place: The food, the culture, the people, the landscape, the heat, the cicadas, the warm water – and I have come to love it dearly.

Crete 2015 040Crete 2015 140Crete 2015 226Crete 2015 661Crete 2015 257Crete 2015 735

These photos show just a few of the lovely areas we have visited on the island. The final one is a great image of Castello Taverna (my absolute favourite eating place!) with owner, Vassili, figuring prominently!

For me, time spent in Crete epitomises all that Summer should be, and I always find that the combination of sun, water, wild herbs and raki opens me up in a way that no British Summer day ever has – and reaches parts never before broached by our very own pallid UK weather!

One day I shall return to Crete, free and relaxed, and sample its wild and life-affirming magic once more.


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