Mind F**k: Manipulation by Terror after Leaving the EU!

Prophecy? No, I think not! Just Alarmism writ large…


So, now we have left the EU, now Brexit has triumphed, the Gaslighting Consciousness of our time has emerged from the closet in all its manipulative ghastliness and is doing its best to make us all feel as if our minds are not our own any more: That our thinking is skewed, fucked, wrong; that, if we do not see things the way the Media and the Knee-Jerk-reaction Catastrophisers need us to, we WILL face social Armageddon – and probably the End of the World as we know it.

This really pisses me off. Not just the content, but the fact that we, as a supposedly higher species, have not yet grown-up, come out of the Great Playground of Life; that we still have this need to use terror as a means of control.

This morning, on line, on the television, the picture is total Doom and Gloom. We are threatened by all the nasties we, secretly, fear the most: Loss of money, housing market slumping, hostile intervention by Russia, NHS under threat, holidays in jeopardy, alien invasion, massive meteor strikes, plagues of small rodents and uncontrollable weather systems involving the daily monsoon of surprised haddock.

Now, let me get one thing very clear before I carry on: I voted to remain in the European Union – and am as gutted as the next man by what has transpired.

But, I really don’t think that article after article predicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Great Beast with 666 tattooed on its bonce and the Arrival of the Anti-Christ in our midst is doing an already bloody awful situation any favours.

We humans ALWAYS revert to Headless Chicken Mode under such circumstances, don’t we? We always manage to look on the dark side of life when in crisis. I grew up in the era of ‘When the Wind Blows’, of the Four Minute Warning, of Greenham Common and the mindless terror of Nuclear War.

I grew up in a time of Cold War, of Super-Powers (the former USSR and the United States) and equally Super-Gigantic-Threat. I expected to be vaporised at any moment, was slightly surprised to reach my twenties, never mind my late fifties!

Do you remember the build-up to the First Gulf War? And need I say more?!

I am not for one moment trying to claim that our world is not a dangerous place at times, nor am I trying to claim that leaving the EU will have no impact upon those of us who live in the UK – and, indeed, the rest of Europe. It will. We all know that.

But I think it profoundly unhelpful to bring out all the gremlins, goblins and ghoulies of terror, to speculate upon a future none of us can predict with any kind of authority.

The simple answer to a question not specifically asked is that we DO NOT KNOW. We can mourn what could have been. We can feel genuine worry and concern about what might now be. But let us not grab greedily onto Nostradamus-like predictions which may not come true – and which, with the power of the human mind being what it is, could end up being set in stone by the very people most anxious to avoid such an apocalyptic outcome.


9 thoughts on “Mind F**k: Manipulation by Terror after Leaving the EU!

  1. Julie

    The country is now deeply divided… It is a shame. Europe is about being together. What a dreadful result, what an awful misunderstanding! what a waste!

    Let’s hope we do more than survive this momentous event…

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    1. alienorajt

      Absolutely agree, Julie. What could have been an intelligent discussion has turned into a travesty of childish terror tactics and emotional blackmail, using anything which can be used as a potential bogeyman to frighten the opposition. Very sad. Perhaps this is an opportunity to break through into a better way of dealing with such matters. One can only hope. xxx


    1. alienorajt

      Absolutely, Sue – much to be desired. Perhaps the global maturation process will take a leap forward as a result. I do hope so. xxx


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