I AM a novelist!

I write books! Oh yes, I sure do! Started my first, now lost, when I was eighteen and waiting to go to university. They are available as both paperbacks and e-books.

Inertia and fear have both kept me out of the authorial spot-light. During my teaching years, I was too easily put off by rejections from traditional publishing firms. But letters of rejection, I now realise, are common-place: Even well-known writers have their fair share of the damn things!

In retrospect, I should have persevered.

Self-publishing two of my three extant novels, and creating three books of short stories, has been great fun – and I have sold a few, both on the ground and through Amazon.

I have tended to flitter about, like a pollen-seeking bee, alighting now on this flower of initiative, now on another, settling nowhere for very long. I have given nothing enough time, have been over-excited, or over-fearful, have pulled back and flown off before the precious nectar had a chance to work its alchemy.

But – my five books are out there, published, ready to read, to be devoured, and they are not going to disappear. In fact, if I have my way, they will be snapped up by more and more eager readers.

Genre? Varied! Humour, mysticism, literary biography, sex, semi-autobiography – a gallimaufry indeed! Read my reviews on Amazon. Most are 5 star.

If you enjoy reading my blog posts, you’ll love my books!


It is up to me. It always was. If I believe in myself, and send out those positive signals, others will bathe in the warmth and light of that inner confidence and certainty.

I write books! I am extremely proud of them! I believe in their potential to soar high!


6 thoughts on “I AM a novelist!

  1. So many of us writers seem so alike, it’s as if we come from the same mould.
    Like you, I think I have fallen short (for a multitude of reasons) thus impeding the avalanch of success that should be heaped around me. But what to do? There simply isn’t enough time to get around to everything, and which everything should we pick?
    Good to meet you, BTW…

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