Facebook Glitch?

Unfortunately, a problem has developed on FACEBOOK. I can no longer send my posts to this Social Site, am unable to receive notifications (although the numbers appear in a red box, I cannot access them) and have just discovered today that I cannot share anything.

I do not know whether the link is wonky on here, on Facebook, on my laptop or whether alien interference/Brexit backlash is responsible.

The problem dates back to Wednesday the 29th June. I have now flagged it up with FB and an awaiting a response!

Honestly, as I have said many times before, BLOODY TECHNOLOGY!

My own suspicion is that the World Wide Web is, like the mythical ouroboros, consuming itself, in the former’s case because its use has far exceeded any expectations and it simply cannot cope!



7 thoughts on “Facebook Glitch?

  1. I haven’t had any glitches, but I did get an annoying “You’re making too many posts in too short of a time period!” warning message as I responded en-masse to the birthday greetings that my friends and family posted for me tonight. Ha! I’m not a robot.

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    1. What?! That ‘too many posts’ notification is so awful! I mean, they ought to be encouraging us to post loads, not complaining when we do! Belated happy birthday. Hope it was a lovely day for you. xxx


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