Forbidden Pleasure versus Allowed Violence!


Why are sexual images forbidden? Why is writing graphic stories about the pleasures our bodies give us, and one another, frowned upon?

Why are images of people’s bodies being blown up, attacked, murdered shown on News bulletins? Why do we have this apparently insatiable appetite for watching true-life murders re-enacted upon the Goggle-Box? Why do we slow our cars down in order to see the wounded victims of serious RTAs?

Why is it that footage of IED-ripped limbs and pools of blood is, in some way, more acceptable, less forbidden, than a couple enjoying the way their living aroused bodies fit together in love and lust?

The word ‘forbidden‘ means ‘not allowed; banned…’

Very often the act of forbidding something is done on (to me, spurious) religious grounds, or in the interests of public decency and the protection of minors.

Without wishing to get into a huge Patriarchal religion debate, I do not feel inclined to take the strictures of a system which sees women as second class citizens and sex as sinful terribly seriously. A system, moreover, which actively encourages wars and conflicts based on some footling misinterpretation of dogma by a rival bunch of God Botherers.

To my way of thinking, the constant stream of dehumanising, and frighteningly desensitising, images of violence are far more injurious to the human mind and spirit than the sexual picture I posted above. The ease with which young people can gain access to graphic X-Box games in which they slaughter hordes of ‘people’ is, to me, scary. After a while, the boundaries between reality and fantasy will, inevitably, begin to blur – and, for some teenagers I know, the horrific news footage of Lee Rigby’s ghastly murder, three years ago, was seen as little more than another version of an X-Box game.

I just think we have got our priorities wrong. There is a big embargo upon producing posts, or FB statuses, which have erotic content, and which might be seen by under eighteen readers; there does not seem to be the same response to on line violence, whether it be bloody photos, words of hatred directed at anyone not the same colour, race or creed as oneself or alarmist prophecies used by Spin Doctors the world over to generate more sales for their newspapers, or more votes for their party.

Some sexual acts do, indeed, reflect the darker side of mankind. But the vast majority do not – and sexuality in and of itself is a gift, a delight, not something that should be relegated to the Taboo Box or seen as forbidden.

Violence, as a mechanism of self-defence, or in a war-time setting, is sometimes a necessary evil. But the gratuitous showing of it on prime time television should, in my view, be up before the Forbidden Images Panel way before most sexual pictures!


22 thoughts on “Forbidden Pleasure versus Allowed Violence!

  1. Julie

    Human sexuality is like a ladder: it can help you reach the top or topple you down. And unless you are aware of this, you are vulnerable to others. Beware.

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  2. Reading your text ad the comments below it, one thing shines apparent, and that is that we will never be able to agree, as humans Even in small places or big places, there is differences between us, and our human mind is frail and cannot try to follow the rules of all.
    I am one of the people who do not mind the violence on TV. I play violent video games my entire life. I gorge on CSI, ID Discovery and similar TV program, I daily read the black chronic. You might ask me why? The most honest answer would be that I want to know why, too. What makes someone take a gun and murder 5 and injure 20 in a remote coffee place, and does not make someone else? And most of all, if I was there, I would want to know the signs, so I can maybe, try to prevent the situation from happening. I watch these for decades. I grew up on Resident Evil, Counter- Strike, Rainbow 6 and similar, yet I never shot anyone. When Andres Breivik did his gruesome crime, the newspapers did not fail to mention that he played World of Warcraft (a game that I happen to play for a decade), like it is an important factor. Because it is easier to blame the Tv, the Computer, and X box, then snap out of it and realise we have, worldwide, HORRIBLE, medical knowledge, stigma and assistance for troubles of the mind (and regular stuff too. 21st century. We been on the Moon. People daily die of sepsis!), that parents are exhausted trying to make ends meet and put food on the table and find little stamina and time to help their kids and other people around them grow up and develop a healthy character.
    On the other hand, I consider myself to be extremely Christianity brainwashed, even though I am Pagan since I am 12, I do not participate in any Christian religious customs or any and all activities. But the brainwashing plagues me at times. I find myself frowning upon seeing a women in clothes that look so revealing. I don’t mind her beautiful body parts (all of them, on any women!), her freedom, or simply the need to you know, not wear long sleeves on 40+ celzius. I can honestly say that something comes over me when I think like that and I trace it to Christian, religious let’s say, upbringing. Because orthodox christianity has a lot of weird stuff, like women are sluts, should be beaten and in 21st century we still have priests raping teenage girls in Serbian villages, in the name and blessing of a bearded sky-man.
    At the same time, perhaps (you tell me, whoever reads!) I drew out something positive from it. I do not dress provocatively, I do not indulge in obscene fantasies, I do not and will never cheat on my husband, but also not allow him to seduce and convince me into things in the bedroom I consider unnecessary and do not in my soul desire them (like oiling private parts with chocolate… it’s a waste of a pretty good cake, and we gonna fornicate under the consent from king anyways! ) I do however understand, that these might be enticing to you or someone else. And I accept it. That’s it. I don;’t know where I am exactly going with this, it is hard to explain, I don’t know how I grew at peace with others doing things like BDSM, this pose or that pose, or swinging or orgies, when those things are incomprehensible for me. I guess I realised they are not hurting anyone.
    What bothers me though is women not being allowed to breastfeed in public, in this country. That they fear feeding their children because someone might come and hit them with a brick on the head, or shamefully be walked out from a wall by the security guard, all while we have a huge crotch of Mr. Bieber plastered upon the wall. Putting breastfeeding on the telly would not help, I fear. Same way, anyone with a normal mindset, trying to get through life with honest means, will not draw inspiration from the news to go and shoot someone.
    It is what the surroundings do. Why do kids watch television in the first place? Why are they plastered to their phones or computer screens? Because the surroundings don’t bother. We do not talk, we do not educate, we do not pass on the good stuff from knee to knee. Ask someone about their complex job, in physics, they will answer you with “It’s cool. Google it” or “You can watch a Youtube video here about it.”
    There will always be television, books, leaflets, bad people, murder.
    But we nee encouragement to pull out the good from any and all and glorify it and most of all, encourage it. Not waste time listing who morally minds what and what should be eradicated which is impossible. We should shift our focus and determine what hurts another human being, and what is simply distasteful to you, or me, or someone third.
    Phew, sorry for the tremendously long comment and I am sorry if I sound offensive or that I do not agree with you or the wonderful people commenting on your post, it is quite the opposite. I am just tired of seeing us all, as humanity, bickering about tits and video games, judging each other over the sizes and clothing we wear, instead of building a better place 🙂

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    1. I know what you mean, Oloriel, and I share many of your views. I think the important thing is not necessarily agreeing with the views of others so much as respecting their differences. But it is a very difficult and grey area because one runs the danger of condoning outright nastiness if one accepts all behaviours and tastes! The world is run on Us and Them lines – and, until we can see that we are all together in this, the problems will carry on. I am glad that my post made people think. Agreement with my individual point of view is not required! xxx

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  3. Yup totally correct. I strongly believe it reflects our shared heritage and tribalism. Throughout history violence has been praised, a good warrior was the pop idol of his (occasionally her) time. Strong. Protector. Brave (and if we have a shared faith) doing gods work killing the heathen. This is the essence of the hero, the Knights Templar, the Jihad the SAS. At least when all we could do was hack at each other with sharpened steel the effects were local, limited and close up and personal. Now one might not even see the sniper that kills you from two miles away…. We are the products of our own social evolution. Oh and when I’ve killed all the faithless, all those of a different hue that talk strangely and worship curious gods I get to have you! That’s the bit we like to hide… (Shall I keep the severed heads or do you want them in the recycling?)

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  4. To each his or her own I would say…
    As for the issue in your post … news channels are watched by all ages impressionable and otherwise… discretion may not be possible…

    But yes my vote against violence and “breaking news” on every gruesome murder and violence can definitely be “forbidden” ….

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    1. It’s a difficult one, isn’t it? My own views change all the time – and I think, as a society, we assume that moral values and ethical concerns are more rigidly black and white than is, actually, the case. Shades of grey (dare I mention that phrase?!) is nearer the mark, I suspect. I confess I was playing Devil’s Advocate to a certain extent in that post. xxx

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  6. I hate the violence, too. I am amazed at what parents (perhaps unwittingly?) allow their kids to indulge in.

    As far as sex being sin, there is so much misinterpretation around that whole topic that it would take volumes to try to unbraid it all. Human sexuality was created by God, for marriage. It is not sinful in that setting. It is a gift.

    Language, in and of itself, isn’t sinful, either. When it is misused, however, it can cause inestimable harm.It becomes sinful. There are lots of things that are not sinful; it is only in the misuse that they become toxic.

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    1. Thank you for this comment. I think you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on the subject of sin. My view is that sin is a human construct created as a means of control. But, I appreciate that many people have genuine, and heart/soul-felt faith – and that is fair enough. Not for me to judge the strength of such feelings. xx

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  7. I agree entirely! Unfortunately, sometimes sex is combined with violence. Yet, I think that person – on – person violence is unnatural and SHOULD be the taboo.

    Nevertheless, since sex is thought of as a personal thing, I feel that is what makes it a taboo subject …

    I feel that the religious teachings about the sin of sex come from a time when morals were not as strong, and perhaps there was more sexual violence (and non-consensuality) in those days.

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    1. Very true – and something I chose not to flag up in the post, partly because it is something to which I have been subjected, and I wanted this piece of writing to be rather more objective than subjective. My own view is that sin is a construct created as a means of control by man and not God – but, I could be wrong! xxx


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