Nice (France), Turkey…Unpredictable World

Life is unpredictable. I think we all know this at heart – yet many of us seem to have such a sense of entitlement that we lament that very unpredictability as if the Gods promised a smooth ride and then let us down.

Recent events – the ghastliness of Bastille Day in Nice, France, the violence in Turkey, the UK Referendum (and its egregious media follow-up) – have shown the bloody, intolerant, megalomanic depths of the unpredictability roller-coaster. They have shown, with pitiless clarity, what happens when we encourage needless and artificial barriers between peoples, countries, the planet. They have shown the results of our turning our backs upon unity – and embracing division, distrust and disunity.

Chaos usually heralds a lesson humanity could do with learning. The Unpredictability Principle, by making us uncomfortable and afraid and sad, triggers a wish to change, to question the static (oft poisonous) values which enslave and oppress.

Sadly, our glib and predictable response to waves of unpredictability keeps the wheel of misfortune churning round and round and round.

What do we do?

We blame a group. A religion. A race. A skin colour. A housing estate. A drug. The police. The lack of police. Political parties. We leap from close encounters with scary unpredictability with our spears and swords of hatred and projection already clutched tightly in our sweaty little paws.

All the ills of the world, all the chaos, all the natural disasters – they are ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Not ours.

We believe that WE deserve peace and love and the planet’s wealth and ease – but those mysterious OTHERS don’t because they are the ones who don’t play by our rules, or believe our dogma; they are the ones unfortunate enough to slither out of their mothers’ wombs a different colour, or shape!

Life is random. It is a series of chance encounters. It veers from brilliant to catastrophic in the blink of an eye. We try and control that with our artificial weather reports – as if predicting an event (often incorrectly) could, in some way, alter its course! As if we puny humans had the means with which to stand up to cyclones, tidal waves and acts of unforeseen butchery. As if having a relatively big brain gave us natural dominance!


What we seem unable to understand is this: The Dark Heart of Mankind is re-created, on a daily basis, by all those who fail to act upon tiny examples of cruelty; by those who kid themselves that, because they don’t murder others, they are great people – and then, behind closed doors, put their own families through psychological torture; those who condemn people abroad who don’t help during the aftermath of chaos – and then ‘fail’ to notice the neighbour down the road struggling to mend a puncture.

We start the same way. All of us. A blast of sexual light, cells dividing and, with such wonderful intelligence, forming themselves into a human being. We end the same way too. All of us. One way or another, we all pass through Death’s portal.

If we could celebrate our unity, instead of despising the differences; if we could see ourselves as cogs in the great Human Race’s machine, all vital to its continuance, none better than any other; if we could teach our children tolerance and love instead of prejudice and hatred; if we could do all of these things, then we could ride the waves of unpredictability TOGETHER, and events which so scar the skin of the planet’s body could become a footnote in history.


10 thoughts on “Nice (France), Turkey…Unpredictable World

  1. Excellent points, both in your post and in the comments.

    Over in the States, the current tremours between Black Lives Matter and police forces (particularly in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and the Twin Cities), are based on the darkness, fear, and the diffusion of blame onto others.

    Indeed, I have heard a lot of the word “accountability” being bandied about, and I think that is a first step to reducing fear and distrust.

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    1. Thanks for this, Noah; it illustrates the universal nature of the problem – and, I think, the fact that, ironically, we humans have far more in common than we perhaps want to admit to. Darkness, fear and diffusion of blame run so much of the violence in this world. xxx


  2. Julie

    I like this sentence and consider it the key point of the piece: “What we seem unable to understand is this: The Dark Heart of Mankind is re-created, on a daily basis, by all those who fail to act upon tiny examples of cruelty; by those who kid themselves that, because they don’t murder others, they are great people “

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  3. Julie

    Paintdigi, you are right to differentiate but Ali has a point in showing that it all comes from the same source, namely our human ignorance and fear.
    Sectarianism is on the rise in the world.

    Until the drip drip drip of inequality, indifference and ignorance that pervades society is acknowledged and counteracted, there will be trouble and wars in the world. And I agree with Ali in pinpointing theat the devil resides within the home, right out of the kitchen as it were! It is first born in people’s homes and is nurtured by ignorance. Although some people will say it is allowed to fester because of our tolerance and kindness… That is where the devil is truly clever… And hiding cunningly.

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  4. As a political scientist, I find myself compelled to comment on this important article:
    We should not compare the incomparable; The bomb Brexit is a “flat” purely interior and democratic. The Nice crime is an attack of the external is the global war against the virus that lives in the middle east. The events in Turkey are result “normal” soft inner march towards Islamist dictatorship.

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    1. Ultimately, though, the force which led to each one came from within mankind – and a darkness (as William Golding saw it when he was writing ‘Lord of the Flies’). I agree that there are clear differences – but they are also linked.


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