KENP Surge: Giving Versus Selling

I am in a bit of a quandary here. Allow me to explain. Over the past few days, I have noticed a gratifying surge in readers dipping into my books via Kindle Edition Normalized Pages. This is lovely: Like all published writers, I want my books to be read and enjoyed, and the thought of a vast online library system pleases me.

But a certain middle-man has been cut out of the process here – and, for all that I am not, and never have been motivated by financial gain per se, I feel uncomfortable about giving my books away for nothing.

You see, the range of hills currently appearing on my Kindle Dashboard are blue. If I were actually selling copies, they would be red! My Createspace dashboard is even worse: Nothing sold in MONTHS.

However, all is not lost. A friend sent me a list of traditional publishers who are willing to take on self-published authors and their literary progeny.  I had a look last night and, while some – dealing predominantly with romance, or crime: neither of which is my bag, I’m afraid – would not be suitable for my range of genres (sex, humour, mysticism, education, literary biography), there are a couple which might take me on.

I have also been looking at traditional publishers who specialise in the printed book because I would, ultimately, like my novels to be bought in bookshops, and real copies be read in real brick and mortar libraries.

There is a movement which insists that the world of books is now electronic – but I do not think this is entirely true. I am an avid reader, and I do not have a device for storing e-books (though all my books are out there in both forms); I read paperback and hardback versions exclusively – and suspect I am not alone!

It is not snobbery on my part: I think the e-book is a great idea and is far more egalitarian for the vast majority of published writers than the traditional world of publishing ever was.

It is just that I am a hands-on person and love the feel, the smell, the weight of a physical book.

To conclude: The KENP surge is great, very heartening. Long may it continue. It also gives me huge pleasure to present one or more of my own books as a gift to a friend

But, I would like to see the red mountains surging, and the paperback numbers rising, on the two dashboards as well!


2 thoughts on “KENP Surge: Giving Versus Selling

  1. I much prefer to read a book in non-electronic format, just as I prefer to read a newspaper in non-electronic format.

    Anything that can reduce the excessive screen time that everyone spends each day would be a good thing. This is also why I write in my journal each day.

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