A woman’s beauty is a feast, both visual and sensual, to be enjoyed whether she be Maiden, Mother or Crone!

In this post, I look at the way far too many people – men and women – turn away from, or discount, that feast of the senses because of the changes which occur, in all women lucky to live that long, during the menopause.

People are endlessly fascinated – and often horrified! – by this word. What I find hilarious are the misunderstandings which occur when thinking of it, particularly (though not exclusively) amongst certain types of men!

For those not sure, here is a dictionary definition:

‘the ceasing of menstruation’

Pretty straightforward and unambiguous, one would have thought…

But no! Fraught with misunderstanding, more like! For starters, you gets tangled up in the concept of the Peri-menopause (not  the full name of Kevin, the Teenager’s mate, by the way!) which, like the wrath of God, passeth all understanding (allegedly) and goeth on forever (even more allegedly!).

Then there are all the colourful stories of women becoming axe-wielding homicidal maniacs during the menopause years – because, you see, it is rare for a woman to cease all that period malarkey instantaneously and like turning off a light. It is not, if I may be so bold, a case of blood one second, bugger-all the next!

Contrary to the more gruesome stories which abound so plentifully, women going through the Change do not, as a matter of course, sleep with a machete under the pillow, nor are they obliged to take on a dotty, raging, forgetful persona in order to satisfy the Urban Myth Makers!

Nor, I would like to point out, does the menopause recur on an annual basis like the common cold: You can’t catch it – and, once it has stopped, that’s it! Barren territory takes over! All right, the word ‘pause’ is a tad ambiguous under the circumstances and ‘menostop’ would certainly put paid to the majority of the Doubting Thomases…

Menopause does not allude to a decision made by all women of a certain age to give up men for the duration! Nor is it a little-known Irish tribe of Radical Feminists: Men O’ Pause…

Truth is, women who have gone through the menopause do not become bitter, barren old bags overnight (or, in most cases, at all). They remain all woman, as sexy, desirable, warm-hearted and passionate about life as they were before.

Truth is, we women, and our men, create and re-create this myth of menopause as a dreadful change for the worse. We are the ones who insist that it is going to be a time of constant suffering (us) and grenades of filthy temper (them). We expect a hard time – and guess what?!

Fertility in women is a phase. A long phase, it is true – mine lasted around forty years – but a phase none-the-less. It is not a life time’s entitlement. Nor should it be. Nature has arranged it so that Maiden gives way to Mother who, in turn, gives way to Crone!

And barrenness in one area often confers great gifts of fertility in another.

Let us teach our children – male and female – the right lessons about bodies, the way they work and the ageing process they, inevitably, undergo. Let us stop venerating Youth as the only God of Attractiveness in our world! Let us reclaim the beauty of post-menopausal women!


NB: This topic, jazzed up by more overt humour, is one of the 69 tales in my book ‘Come Laughing!’



11 thoughts on “Menopause

    1. Absolutely! No point in shuffling the feet and beating about the bush, is my view: My Menopause piece in one of my novels is even more graphic and in-yer-face than this one: I toned it down a tad in the interests of public decency! Kind of! In so far as I ever do…

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    1. Glad we agree on this, April! I think too many girls (and boys) are brought up with the dread spectre of Menopause hanging over their heads! The stereotypes have taken on a life of their own!


        1. Lucky you, April. My own dear mother predicted Sturm und Drang, the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, maniacal rage and misery for decades! Such a bundle of sunshine, she was! x


  1. Menowhatsit, yes God is a man and it’s his way of making a woman available 366 days of the year and 24 hrs a day! Oh yes… (Unfortunately it coincides with most blokes being able only on months with a P in them and for no more than 20 seconds a go….) ps. Not me I might add, I am a veritable sexual tyrannosaurus (which is a kind of newt I think..)

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  2. Clearly, I’m too young to think about that word, but I like your take on recognizing the phases. Additionally, there are some people who intentionally cut off their fertility prior to menopausal years. Is that a problem? No!

    One of my good friends (in her thirties) made that choice, and she is not a crazy axe-murderer–she has hosted me twice overnight and neither time did I find an axe or other chosen weapon anywhere on the premises!

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