World Peace Pulse

I have spent much of my life wishing I were a more carefree person. I am sure many others have felt the same. But actually reading the definition of this word is sobering:

‘…free from anxiety and responsibility…’

Especially when you break it into its syllabic components and reverse them: Free (from) care…

Caring about, and feeling responsible for the welfare of, others is something which should be positively encouraged, in my opinion. It is only too easy to get so caught up in our own woes, or indeed the lack thereof, that we are, effectively, living in a childlike bubble of Carefreedom – or its polar opposite, bitter self-absorption.

Neither extreme has a chance of healing the wounds upon the face of this planet. Perhaps the ideal is to jettison the baggage of anxiety whilst embracing the ability to care and taking full responsibility for our own part in the Circle of Lights.


I am attending an event, relating to Peace, Light and Unity, in Glastonbury on Sunday. If you live in the South West of England, and are anywhere near Glastonbury, why not come along? If too far away physically, your spirit would still be welcome to attend!

It is, I feel, a fabulous initiative – particularly given recent tragic events abroad and the waves of hatred and calls for revenge which have followed.

Today, the World Peace Pulse was posted on the Peace and Unity FB site. I read it and shivered – with excitement and eerie recognition: It echoed my oft-stated vision of light beacons, on hill tops all over the world, linking us in our human togetherness. Hugely needed at this time. At all times. Illumination, created by our capacity for love and connection, bright torches with which to shine light into the darkness.

I have now joined in and will become a pulse of light and contemplation/prayer for my area; many others I know have done the same. I love the idea of these points of light – shown so graphically upon the map which comes with the link at the top – flashing their beautiful brightness as we all concentrate our minds and hearts upon healing rather than destruction, on peace instead of war and hatred.

I am offering it to a wider audience.



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