May Peace Prevail on Earth: Glastonbury Event

We do not have to choose a clock which ticks ever-increasing seconds of violence, hatred and terror; we have the human option to wind up and use the Clock of Light which measures its moments in acts of love, unity and acceptance.

‘May Peace Prevail upon Earth’ is the message, printed in several different languages, which forms the emotional heart of the Peace Poles – and this simple, yet powerful, sentence was at the centre of the deeply moving Peace and Unity event in Glastonbury this afternoon.

Created through the vision and determination of Morgana West, with help from the Town Crier, David, the Mayor, John, and a bevy of lovely people from the town, this meeting of kindred spirits took place around Glastonbury’s very own Peace Pole in Magdalene Street.

The day was not promising, being somewhat grey and inclined to drizzle: Grizzly weather, in a word! I set off from home at around two, with the piece I had written neatly printed and ready to read.

To my delight, the High Street was thronged with colourful stalls and a most beguiling gentleman playing catchy music on what looked like a red recorder.


Having nourished the inner woman with a most succulent lemon and lime cheesecake in Rainbow’s End cafe, I went in search of Morgana – and, along with three other people, talked through the sequence of events.

By the time we set off, hauling chairs and flowers, fifteen laminated strips of card with segments of the Golden Rule printed upon them, notes and other essentials, the grizzle had turned into something more relentless.

People started to arrive, in colourful dribs and noisy drabs. It felt as if a tide were turning in unity’s direction. I had been given the task of dinging the dong thrice in order to calm the excited crowd (though, as an ex-teacher and with a voice like a foghorn, I could probably have been heard in Street anyway!) – and, somewhat to my terror, I was first up to the proverbial stand.

I read my piece, which I shall reproduce in a future blog post – and then it was Morgana’s turn, as our leader, to speak. This she did most movingly, encouraging us all to join in with ‘May Peace Prevail upon Earth’ – which we did, more or less at the same time.

The lighting of the Peace Candle brought a lump of emotion to my throat; I felt a kind of formless longing at that point. ‘Peace’ is such a simple word – and yet we humans seem to make the attaining of it so very complicated.

What, I ask, is so difficult about treating others as we would wish to be treated? Of abiding by the precepts contained within the Golden Rule?

We then turned to the person next to us – in most cases, someone not known to us before – and exchanged little gifts. I thought this such a lovely idea. It really underlined the unity and peace theme, allowing us to interact with someone completely foreign to us in a meaningful and warm  and giving way. It showed what can happen when humanity and peace come before all the artificial barriers we erect.

I had to leave early due to an unforeseen problem with a friend back home. I cannot divulge more than this (because it is not my story to tell); but it, ironically, very much underlined the Golden Rule principles and the fact that we are all in this together (if only we could see it).


The energy was buzzing by the end, and it felt as if we had created something special – on many different levels – during our time together.

Many thanks to Morgana for being the inspiration and leading us so brilliantly.


4 thoughts on “May Peace Prevail on Earth: Glastonbury Event

  1. David Greenway (Town Crier and Honorary Bard of Glastonbury) .......also weekday wizard.

    I remember this day, the words we read out, the energy we all generated, the yearning for peace in the air and the new friends we made, luckily for me, one of them, being you. xx

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  2. What an awesome idea. I also experienced a peaceful rally, with Black Lives Matter, yesterday, and the idea of peaceful rallies is something which is seriously underrated.

    (Also, I’ve seen those “May peace prevail on earth” pillars in Menomonie, WI and Chicago, IL too.)

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