Recent Spam: A Worrying Trend?

This is a deliberately humorous crisis! Reason? Every day brings yet another awful tragedy – and my feeling is that a laugh a day is of great value at present.

I regularly look at the Spam offerings on here – out of nosiness and to see the vapid, badly-written crap which washes up upon Shore WordPress prior to being caught in the ever-reliable Akismet Net!

For the most part, the messages on offer have been famous for their cretinously impenetrable language (translated direct from the Vulcan, I often suspect!) and their heave-a-sigh-of-relief-brevity.

Oh, happy days! Now? On a daily basis, I get ‘Clarissa’-length offerings which all, basically, say the same old thing, from unlicensed Word Bandits who seem to take a perverse delight in calling themselves Uber Hackers (0r similar), and are doing the Spam equivalent of screeching around the local streets in low-slung penis-mobiles with loud music, pathetic modifications and their names emblazoned in permanent garishly-coloured paint on all doors!

As you know, I am not one for the short blog post! But these buggers make me look positively terse!

I tend to read the first three words (which are immediately recognisable!) and then scroll down to see how many volumes of tedious and tendentious prose (stretching that word as far as it can go!) have been perpetrated this time!

It is really coming to something when Trolls are trying to out-do the genuine writers on here in terms of word-count! Though not, I am delighted to report, originality, feel for language – or, indeed, ability to string a sentence together coherently!


Anyone else noticed an increase in length and sleep-inducing tedium of Troll Sagas in recent days? And could someone perhaps gently inform them that their forte is lurking under bridges and leaping out upon goats (billy, gruff or otherwise) and not the written word?


10 thoughts on “Recent Spam: A Worrying Trend?

    1. Very wise, Chris! Unfortunately, I do not have your sense/self-restraint; for me, it is analogous to prodding that sore tooth/picking those spots: One knows one would be better off leaving well alone, but…xxx

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