I admire…


…those who dare to be different; those who kick against society’s more egregious pricks with size 10 DMs; those who think outside the box; those who keep hope and love alive against the overwhelming clouds of jaded cynicism, pessimism and ennui; those who remain excited by life’s many adventures regardless of their chronological age; those who realise that no amount of monetary wealth makes one whit of difference to the dead, and that true friends are worth far more than a King’s Ransom in gold.

I admire those who can see that children are gifts and not entitlements; that peace is more powerful a statement of human intent than war; that revenge corrodes the spirit even if it satisfies an immediate urge – and that forgiveness is perhaps the greatest blessing we can confer upon another.

I admire those who are able to squeeze out of the tight corset of organised Patriarchal religious dogma and salute the Creator, its creations and the divine spark which resides within all irrespective of the name of their chosen God Form.

I admire those who feel intense fear, grief, misery and physical dis-ease – and yet whose souls continue to sing the song of joy and whose ability to believe that tomorrow could be an improvement remains unimpaired.

I admire those who know we are composed of both light and dark; those who seek the potential in everyone, rather than looking for the flaws; those who can see beneath the accidents of birth which place us in different countries, belief systems, shades of skin and sexual orientation; those who celebrate diversity and shun no individual because of what his/her tribe has done in the past.

I admire, above all, those with the heart and the humanity and the profound simplicity to see that this beautiful world can still give forth pearls from its troubled and vexed oysters; those whose vision can see no limit to the wonderful things humanity is capable of and holds that picture out to the rest through the worst of horrors.




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