Chocolate Heaven

I crave chocolate! How about you? Just the thought gets my salivary glands working overtime – and has, if I may be so crude, the same effect in my mouth as the thought of sex has upon the gusset!

Lindt is my absolute favourite:


I think there is something decidedly naughty, and erotic, about eating chocolate: Its creamy taste; the way it melts so succulently on tongue, on fingers, down chin; the utterly rapt way one’s body responds to the thought and then the ingestion! The sheer pleasure as shown by pinkening face and rapturous cries. Or is that just me? Orgasmic!

Yes, I crave chocolate – which is why, at various times in my life, I have been a fine figure of several women!

But, hell, fleshly enjoyment is part of the intense pleasure of life – and, all in all, I’d rather be main-lining Lindt than an illegal drug!

After all, you can paint the body with chocolate and then lick it off (though probably not off you own body, unless you are a contortionist!); I don’t think sprinkling tobacco (or any other substance) in your lover’s crevices, and then inhaling it, would have quite the same effect, somehow!


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Heaven

  1. I really like chocolate too, though I never thought of it in that sexual manner (then again, I guess that my sexual purity, according to the Baker House test, is 90%.)

    Dark chocolate is especially good after having a meat meal.

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