Little Blue Filing Cabinet

We bought a filing cabinet early on in the marriage – or were given it; I cannot remember now: Anno Domini! – and it is crammed with the minutiae of house-ownership, utility-based evidence and all manner of other business type documents.

Now, I will openly confess that I have always found such matters threatening and overwhelming – and did not put up much of a fight when my ex took over that side of things.

But, now I am divorced, it is for me to take full responsibility for all aspects of my day-to-day existence – and, do you know what? This has turned out to be a surprisingly liberating and enjoyable experience.

You see, I have a far greater ability to understand, and cope with, the business side of domestic life that I (or my ex) had ever realised – and the incomprehensible and terrifying has, very quickly, become easy to work out and completely unscary.

The symbol of this is the vibrant aqua filing cabinet I bought yesterday:


Indulge me while I tell the full story: A month or so ago, one of my close friends and I were driving to the garage we both take our cars to and, as we walked workshop-wards, we both saw a tall filing cabinet, obviously free to a good home, standing outside a nearby house.

Now my friend, who is also a writer, was in great need of such a contrivance – and, long story short, we heaved and hoed and sweated and burst into peals of laughter as we transferred Exhibit A into my car. As I helped my pal hoist the cabinet into the family garage, it hit me that I was going to need such a thing for myself when I moved. When I mentioned this, J. told me to take the one we found together – but I refused. Kind thought – but it would have been too big.

Since then, I have been researching on line, on Gumtree, in local shops – trying to find the perfect example for my needs. Yesterday, aware that the in-tray was resembling a landfill site ever-more closely, I knew it was time to take action. Lad came with me as he had a few errands of his own to do.

Well! What fun! We parked opposite the local Staples (a shop I adore and could easily lose a day in!) and dove in. To our left was a veritable rainbow of filing cabinets: Lurid pink, bile green, soft lilac, aqua, black and white, they formed a cheery view and lured me straight over.

While Son and Heir sank rapturously into an office chair (all done up in migraine-inducing shades of fluorescent bogey green, sickly white and grey; I came over all unnecessary just looking at it!), I scuttled over to the cabinets!

Oh, that lilac one! What a delight! Ah, the vivid pink! Would have matched my DMs perfectly!

But, when I looked more closely, I saw that the mauve one (which would have been my first choice initially) had a dent in it – and was also more expensive; and the pink, though undoubtedly delectable, would have been a trifle wearing on the eye after the first five minutes!

I nipped over to the far left and fondled an aqua (like you do!).

‘It pleaseth the eye!’ thought I to myself, Boy still being sunk in the delights of the chair. ‘It cometh naturally and smoothly to the hand. It hath ye deepish drawers, two in number, that one requireth and its shade of colour doth induce in one a minor petit mort!’

Did I really gabble on in Shakespearean English as I surveyed the wondrous sight?! Nope! My more down-to-earth immediate response was, ‘****ing Ace bit of kit!’

Laddie, finally prised from his temporary womb, agreed – and, while I attracted the attention of a shop assistant and added suspension files to my basket (and three new journals!), he wandered off in the direction of a pet shop to look at rabbits.

Back home, I unwrapped my prize – and found that it was good!

Thereafter, I spent a most wonderful afternoon (being a complete anal retentive and probably moderately high on the Spectrum) organising my files! Whatever floats your coracle, I suppose!

The brilliant thing about this whole venture is that it has given me an unprecedented sense of control over my life, a sense of true ownership of the next phase – and the welcome knowledge that I am responsible for the minutiae (and the bigger objects!) of my life from now on.

And a mouth-wateringly delicious bright blue cabinet…

That shade of blue is one of my three favourite colours – and I am determined that all three will play a prominent part in the months and years to come!



6 thoughts on “Little Blue Filing Cabinet

  1. I recently rearranged my file cabinet (albeit, it is night-black), and it was liberating to jettison the old documents and re-arrange everything. The reason: I moved!

    However, I had a scare after moving when I temporarily couldn’t find a few important documents on the other end of the move. I found them in a poorly-labeled folder. Ha!

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