Working with another Lodge

I am a member of an SOL Lodge, as I think I have mentioned before. Normally, we mark the festivals just within the lodge; but, one memorable time, back in August 2o12, four of us took the Euro Tunnel and then drove all the way to Zeist, in the Netherlands, for four days of work with another Lodge.

The setting was sublime. The Magus of the other Lodge lives, with her family, in a delightful house, surrounded by wild gardens and a swimming pool/pond. Her Temple is a big roundhouse in the garden, with the Quarters permanently set up – and, because she and her Lodge members have done so much work in it, the atmosphere is just amazing!

It was fascinating, and wonderful, to work with other ritualists; lovely to be sharing common practices, yet with very different emphases in terms of the god forms.

There is great diversity between the various groups of ritual magicians. Some are more nature-based, and prefer working outside where possible – in groves or woods or near bodies of water. Others prefer a more traditional Temple setting. Some are organic and go where the spirit, the egregore, takes them for each ritual; others prefer working with scripts and precise instructions in terms of Temple protocol.

But there are some things which are fundamental to all ritual occasions – and those points of contact were much in evidence when we worked with the Zeist Lodge. But, the differences gave us food for thought and ideas for extending the way we do things.

Four days of companionship, fun,  gorgeous weather, music by a camp fire and, of course, ritual went by in a joyous flash – and, before we knew it, we were back in Blighty, our batteries re-charged and links firmly established.

It is always delightful to meet up with representatives from the other SOL Lodges when we all go up North for the Gathering of the Lights in November – and great to talk about the festivals and the Western Mystery Tradition with people who know exactly what I am rabbiting on about!

I would love to work collaboratively with another Lodge at some point. I think the sharing of ideas is inspirational, invaluable and bonding.

I have very fond memories of those bright, sunlit days spent in a living garden and processing towards, and into, a fabulous Temple – and have learned a great deal as a result of the experience.


4 thoughts on “Working with another Lodge

  1. Remember it well Ali….vividly in fact. It is something we should do again as its a celebration of what we all agree on spiritually, rather than the common situation in this world of fighting each other about what we disagree about….
    As for the Lodge, changes are afoot….will let you know soon 😉
    In Light, Dean xxx

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  2. I am, as it transpires building my very own woodhenge at this very moment, to celebrate pagan festivals, deflower maidens (I get hay fever), and generally contemplate why couch bolts are better than wood screws. It also gives some place for the secret sleepers to play outdoors without folk knowing where the noise is coming from. I would be magus but I can’t even do card tricks. Always open for collaboration tho….

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