Reblogging My Posts…

It is lovely when another writer likes what I have written enough to reblog it on their own site…

However, I do not think any of us want this to become an automatic, unthinking response to everything, no matter how crap, we write – and it is always best if the person reblogging explains, in a few words, what has inspired them about this particular piece first.

The other thing I would ask you to bear in mind with my oeuvre is this: I am very blunt, swear frequently and am completely open – and can be graphic – about matters relating to the body. I would, therefore, respectfully ask you to READ my posts first before reblogging them on your own site. They may not always be suitable for your readership – and I would not wish to inadvertently give offence.

My final point: An occasional reblog is both flattering and an honour; but, if you simply reblog all/most of my work (or anyone else’s) automatically, it comes perilously close to poaching another writer’s work. You also run the risk of being picked up by Akismet and slammed in the Spam bucket!


6 thoughts on “Reblogging My Posts…

  1. Thank you for this public service announcement!

    I only reblog a post if I add a comment before reblogging it, and only allow reblogs when they are part of a challenge (e.g. Sue Vincent’s #writephoto) or if annotation is given.

    Otherwise, it’s a slippery slope down to the abyss of indiscriminate plagiarism!

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  2. the only place my “rebloggy” thingy lets me post is to the blogging meetup and really what’s the point of posting it there? I WISH I could figure out how to make your stuff go onto my site…that would be wonderful! People would think I suddenly became erudite and intellectual with a twist! oh the horror , the horror of not being able to swipe your work! (I seem to be channeling the dude from Apoclypse Now”………sorry

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  3. Hey I’d reblog all your stuff, but I’d have to print it then trundle the big girl around telephone poles. I’d need nails and a hammer. I’d have to be sober. Naw original is best. There is only one…..

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