My Novels: In The Top…Three Hundred!

In this life of ours, just as exam results are only deemed worthy/a pass if they are in the A*-C range, so anything else has to be in the Top Ten to be seen as successful!

This morning, I went on KDP and Createspace, for the first time in ages, to see how my five (six if you count the re-issue of one, tidied up, under a slightly different title) books were faring. To my delight, both sites showed a couple  of sales, and the former a fair number of pages read.

This is all to the good, even if, in real terms, the amount going into my bank is likely to be well under a fiver! At least some people are noticing and, I am sure, enjoying them.

So, I then clicked over to Amazon to look at the statistical ratings for each novel. Now, bear in mind that I have not, as yet, reached top author status for any of them – and, other than a few days in which ‘Come Laughing’ was Number One (both here and in the USA) for Erotica soon after it was published, a steady rating in the thousands has been my lot!

Isn’t it funny how our numerical expectations and hopes change as the brutal hob-nailed boots of reality stamp upon our flimsy fantasies and doolally dreams?! Of course I, like so many writers, secretly saw ALL my books soaring to the Number One spot (well, a girl’s got to have a target in life!) – and the pounds tripping over one another to fall abundantly into my bank account!

Now? Older and wiser, I am pleased if any of them are sold in a month and am, for the moment, content to aim for the Top One Hundred!

So, here are the current Kindle Edition Stats.

‘My Esoteric Journey, Volume 1’: Well down in the thousands!

‘The Lyre of Logres’ : Huddling, with ‘MEJ1’, in a lowly position!

‘Long-Leggety Beasties‘: 297 in Education.  18 reviews, mostly 5 star.

‘Riding at the Gates of Sixty’: 232 in Biographical. 4 reviews, all 5 star.

‘Come Laughing!’: 188 in Erotica. 10 reviews, 9 of them 5 star.

To be frank, I have done NOTHING to promote any of them since 2015, having been a tad pre-occupied with divorcing my husband, seeing the Lad through his A’ level year and, more  recently, selling one house and buying another (both, I hope, now well on the way).

However, I have a sixth book, which I started last autumn, which just needs to be completed and uploaded, and a seventh, which just lacks the hand of an anal editor (me!) before it, too, can set sail on the Alienora Taylor Books ship.

Once I have moved, I shall be turning my attention to my neglected novels once more.

Meanwhile, it is great that these poor ignored (by their mummy) creatures are still attracting some interest and attention.

Bless them!

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