Let Light Shine!

My response to this afternoon’s ‘Eclipse’ prompt was channelled. This happens from time to time, and is also known as Guided, or Automatic Writing. There’s nothing scary or strange about it. We hear frequencies on the radio all the time, some in other languages (which, a hundred years ago, would have sounded like something from beyond the grave) and simply twiddle the dial until we get the station we want. As a writer, I tune in without thinking – and sometimes the voice is not my own, or at least it doesn’t belong to the person I am in this incarnation.

But, in the midst of this guided post, another voice said, very clearly, ‘Let Light Shine!’

Now, I have time to tune in again and follow that voice:


Beacons are powerful communicators; they are also symbols of hope, community and connection. I think it no coincidence that I picked this image, of Glastonbury Tor and the beacon of light flaring out from it.

Light is not competitive. We each contain a spark of the Divine. We are, in our natural state, Beings of Light – and Darkness: After all, if the world were fire-coloured and luminescent all over, the beacons would be lost.

We call to one another like to like, light to light, our fibres sending out non-verbal signals – and this, perhaps, is love, or desire, or friendship, at its most fundamental, unconscious level.

It should be so easy and sweet and smooth, shouldn’t it? Given that we all have light, the meeting and mingling and harmonic singing and raising of light cones should be automatic and well within our capability.

So why isn’t it? Somewhere along the short line of humanity’s span on the ball of earth, the Imps of More and Better, and their grim counterparts, Less and Worse, came out to play – and humanity danced into the Quicksand of Pointless Comparison, Greed and Theft.

Light became tainted by odious measurement and resentment and entitlement. People started to look enviously at the bright rays thrown out by their neighbours, and to covet that natural warm gold. People started to plot and plan and set traps in order to catch the sunny over-spill in another’s fire; while others, darker still in their intent, grabbed the precious light sources by force, murdering the hosts and raping or pillaging the earth to get at its bounty.

In so-called civilised societies, this murderous jealousy and despoiling of part of humanity’s greatest gift became savagely symbolic and sardonic and sneering, as dark-souled ones passed the black flag of their own bitter gall in front of another’s spark, thus obscuring the brightness; or, in a twist so repulsively human that the veriest Demons of Hell would have baulked at going that far, denied the shining glory in another and pretended that it was, in fact, deep blackness.

And so humans came to believe that their sight was dependent upon artifice, and that they were dull and silent without the chit-chattering of tongue and palate and vocal chords.

And so the light faded – but did not die, for things of the Divine Order are, ultimately. stronger, brighter and far more enduring than the little homunculi they inhabit for so tiny a stretch of time.

But humans have been given intelligence and Free Will, and connection with the tribes going back to time’s beginnings. They have been born with a source of illumination which only fades when it is sullied by venal motives and underhand methods of stealing that which rightfully belongs to another.

Humanity stands on the brink. Beacons give power, warmth, warning, protection, tribal identity. Possessing more than one’s fair share endangers everyone. Eclipsing another’s light can short-circuit an entire community. Denying a light source its right and space to shine can lengthen the darkness so that the world teeters on the lip of the Abyss.

Let the Light Shine: With generosity, humility, love, warmth for others! Let the sparks touch one another! Let the beacons be lit and the Circle be complete!


2 thoughts on “Let Light Shine!

  1. Interesting. Automatic writing. I can do similar but with music. People have asked me where songs begin. I don’t know I just listen to the cosmic radio and they play in my head. I quite enjoyed this piece and knowing it was plucked from the void and brought into light makes it all the more valuable to this reader. Excellent thank you Ali. x

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