Onomatopoeic Post Tight as an Owl Peevishness…


Stump, stump, mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble, mumble, mumble, grunt, grunt, bump, bump, thump, thump – grr, grrr, grrrr!

Stamp, cramp, bang, clang, crash, bash, mash, slash…

Flicker, click, rick, stick, sick, sick, sick…

Bucket, Bucket, BUCKET, fuck-it, fuck-it, fuck-it, suck-it, suck-it, muck-it…

Puke, puke, nuke, nuke, grook, grook, ook, ook, duke’s puke!

Hung-over, run-over, lung-over, bung-over, stung-over!

Knew I shouldn’t have had that tenth pint of Sheepshaggers Beer!

Now? I feel all queer, full of fear and drear in the rear!


Ruth! Struth! Truth! Ruthhhhhhhhhhh!


11 thoughts on “Onomatopoeic Post Tight as an Owl Peevishness…

      1. Wow fifteen pints of old engine oil (that’ll be diesel naturally…). If you ever need a bath in used hydraulic oil followed by a massage with wire wool first used to mould the wing tips of Mk 1V spitfires during the Battle of Britain, well I’m willing to turn on the taps… Oh yeah…. x (no idea what any of that means but it’s from the heart…) 😊

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        1. Grand! A friend and I went to the Chew Valley Beer Festival two years running – and he tried Old Engine Oil (I had a sip too: Ugh!) as it had a high percentage! I stuck to Lady of the Lake and a few others whose names are now lost in the mists of Avalon (aka rat-arsed-ness)!!! xxx


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