Alienora’s Study/Living Room

This is the room in which I write, read, meditate, entertain and relax. It contains books I have written, precious gifts and cards from family and friends, my LPs and CDs, my recorders, viola, electric and acoustic fiddles and my ritual robes/costume dresses. I love it! The atmosphere and look I have created in here will form the basis for my new abode…


8 thoughts on “Alienora’s Study/Living Room

  1. Lovely space, very important I feel to the creative vibe, my studio is likewise a haven from the world full of bits of arcane electronic equipment and instruments in racks. I can understand why this is so important to migrate south with you! (Hey if you ever feel the need to play electric fiddle in a band situation…) x

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    1. Thanks, Ted. Yes, it is a great space – and, now I’ve got the hang of it, can be replicated wherever I go!!! Fiddler in band! Yay! Now you’re talking! I was in a band – but had to give up due to recent events etc! xxx


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