Putting the Zing back into my life!


Zing, like Rome, was not built in a day, you know! The process of Zinging up my life has been gradual, with that Zing Factor being sprinkled upon each facet as it comes up for renewal.

My previous post deals with the Zinging-up of my Study/Living Room. A recent post with ‘Sekhmet’ in the title revolves around the Re-Zinging of the Oranged-Haired Alienora…

And this will alert you to the latest cosmetic Zinginess/Enzingeration of my blog site!

Poor little blog, it was looking decidedly drear, sad and plain, wasn’t it? Like a house inhabited by a sextet of depressives, it had all the hall-marks of things being too much effort to bother with…

Although the writing itself remained at Regulo 9 on the Zing Setting, the weary appearance was letting the whole thing down!

Now? I am experimenting with colours and fonts and widgets and headers in order to let the Zing spring, sing, ring and ding!

Without, if possible, reducing it to the level of tasteless bling!

Zing! Zing! Zing!


16 thoughts on “Putting the Zing back into my life!

    1. Although, thanks to the wonders of I.T. (NOT) just discovered that whilst you look great on a phone, but are decapitated on a laptop… 😦

      The I.T. department geek who came up with that wheeze needs rounded up, castrated, and summarily shot with his own petard…

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          1. I think laptops may be immune to logic, magic and anything else ending in ‘ic’ (except, possibly, a propensity to suffer from the computer version of sea-sick and toss their proverbial cookies over the side, thus wiping all the previous day’s hard work!). xxx

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  1. Have a play with the free WordPress Themes Ali.
    You can see what your site would look like by using the Preview facility with each theme.
    Or, go into Customize for your current theme and play with that – be careful not to press the Save Button until you’re happy with the changes, otherwise, click the big X button 😱
    Have a FUNZINGING TIME 👍😃😘😘😘

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