Baffled? Puzzled? Perplexed? The answer?…

A friend is reading ‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ – and has commented that she’ll never look at goats in quite the same way, and that she has been at the ROFL/clutching tummy stage of laughter. Fabulous to hear!


This lovely lady has also said that she’ll write a review of it in the fullness of time.

I think, in many ways, this is my most outrageous novel. This may seem like a strange thing to say when you consider the graphic sexual nature of ‘Come Laughing!’ – but is, in my view, true.

You see, in this book, I am taking a swipe at all the things I consider to be weaknesses in the state school system, but in a deliberately exaggerated and savagely funny manner.

It is based on my first two terms as a teacher – but, although The Archers, Rital, Cis and Marge were drawn heavily from real life, the Headmaster is more generic than specific and the transgender Educational Psychologist completely the work of my warped imagination.

I’m afraid the Welbeloved brothers – and the egregious Grandad – also had no life outside the pages of the book, though I am sure we have all met men like them, and the Holy Goat, School Pageant and Fire Drill in the Moat were entirely made-up, as were the hens!

Baffled? Puzzled? Perplexed?

The answer?

Try for yourself (if you haven’t already). If you want to know what really goes on in a school staff room, albeit filtered through Alienora Exaggeration, look no further; if you want true, if disguised, examples of weird behaviour (from both teachers and pupils), this is the book for you; if you want to find out how a book which starts with the word, ‘Buttocks!‘ continues, grab the link now; if you want to know who poisoned the mead, who Kevin Pendoggett and Wayne Trebilcock are, who shagged whom, what the Ed Psych was doing in hospital and the roles played by a large noisome cheese and a horse called Hengist, your search for entertainment is at an end!

I am just baffled, puzzled, perplexed that this book hasn’t been grabbed by all right-minded souls with a healthy sense of humour and a love of the bizarre, the bawdy, the dinner lady and the school teacher.

As a humorous expose of a teacher right at the start of her career – and making all the mistakes young teachers DO make! – it is, in my view, unparalleled – and, since I have not yet written the sequel, it also ends on something of a cliff-hanging note!

Be perplexed no longer! Grab yourself a copy! Get stuck in!


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