Full Moon: Sky Dragon; Eye of Horus

Two very different images/symbols seen together.


img04371-20160916-2029 img04380-20160916-2031

Lunar Sky Dragon –

Changing into Horus’ Eye:

Magic for the heart!



8 thoughts on “Full Moon: Sky Dragon; Eye of Horus

  1. upthetree

    I saw this dragon last night….the whole sky was filled with him. The higher clouds had created a matrix that looked like the different textures of scaly skin and the lower black clouds formed detail of the dragon head and particularly the upper brow and lower eye perfectly surrounding the gibbous moon. When I was looking at him it didn’t matter which way you thought the head was facing. I didn’t even try to get a photo as like I said he filled the whole sky but was so glad to see that you had a picture almost identical to the eye I saw. BTW he did look like he was waking up! SO privileged to see this stuff TURNOFF YOUR TELL LIES TO YOUR VISION (televisions) people.
    I also dreamt of a blue rabbit with many white rabbits last night. WHAT A NIGHT!

    Thanks for posting your picture!

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  2. Ancalagon the winter dragon. He still sleeps but now restlessness burns as the year turns to face the cold. Just a peep at the landscape to check the falling of leaves and the scattering of swifts. He has not awakened fully for some years of men. Maybe this year…

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