Goddess, yes! PASSIONATE, is exactly what I am!

Passionate about life first and foremost. Passionate about words and music and dancing; dance like a wild animal, in fact, unfettered by convention or inhibition.

Passionate about moons and sunrise/set, the turnings of year and season, beauty, rocks and waterfalls, meadows and mountains, forests and snow; passionate about colour!

Passionate about playing recorders, viola, violin and piano, and singing and being in bands and watching live bands play; passionate about Rock and Folk Festivals!

Passionate about love too – and all that entails! – and people dear to me and adventure and spontaneity and ritual and kindred spirits, and laughing, jesting, punning, eating, drinking, being merry (for tomorrow, metaphorically, we die) and connecting with the rare souls who are naturally on my weird wave-length.

I have never been one to engage tepidly with life’s gifts! Even when upset, there is a passion driving me! When joyous and inspired, I am the epitome of passionate womanhood!

My response to life is characterised by PASSION.


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